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78Patriot Cigars started several years ago in the northern desert of Iraq as a vision between two friends who were serving their country. During this time away from the comforts of their wives, children, country, and home, Jake Ives and Kirk Chalmers found solace in the calming and tranquil effects of a good cigar. Throughout their deployment, they made it a point to share cigars with fellow soldiers to help them relax and enjoy the pleasures of a good smoke. This started Kirk and Jake’s journey to one day become aficionados and further strengthened their desire to share this knowledge and experience with anyone who walks through their doors.

Patriot Cigars prides itself on carrying a wide variety of premium cigars to serve all your cigar needs.  Whether you are a cigar aficionado, looking for some of the finest stock, or just starting off in your cigar smoking journey, Patriot Cigars’ knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you in the cigar buying process.

Our lounge provides comfort and camaraderie, stories, football and fun and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a good smoke.  We have much to share and much to learn.  We recognize that knowledge comes from experience and experience comes from people who take the time to come in, sit down and share their stories with us.

We look forward to sharing a smoke and a story with you!

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